hi my name is christian

I am recent graduate Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in Communication Design. I am concentrating in Graphic and Interactive design but I also have a passion for illustration.

I spent this past summer as a graphic design intern for Young & Rubicam in New York City. There I worked on branding for the Port Authority and helped created advertisements for Dell Computers. I was also awarded 1st place in the Society of Publication Designers International Student Design Competition, for my 4-page story (two spreads) on hiking the Appalachian Trail. As part of the award, I had the opportunity to work with Billboard Magazine in their New York City office last spring.

Okay, cool. Now that you read through the professional stuff, here's what I'm all about. I love skateboarding and look for any excuse to get out and ride. I am a Simpsons fanatic and will gleefully engage in any conversation regarding the Simpsons or Simpsons-related trivia. Whether I'm playing it or watching it, I love live music and have attended over 100+ concerts.

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